Updating a Page

You will first need to be logged in via the user page. For example, the following link would be used on this site: http://designsystem.wwu.edu/user

Layout view

To update a page on the website, navigate to the page that you wish to update. Once on that page, click on the grey “Layout” tab (underneath the blue main navigation menu):

Drupal 8 screenshot demonstrating how to navigate to the Layout view

Once you are in the Layout view, you will see the page broken up into blocks, which are individually editable. On the right-hand side of each block is a pencil icon – click on this, then “Configure” to bring up the sidebar. This is where you will make your edits:

Drupal 8 screenshot demonstrating how to open the editor side-panel by clicking the pencil icon in layout view

Configuring a block

The text areas of each block allow you to format text in the same way as Microsoft Word:

Drupal 8 screenshot of the text editor within the edit side-panel

Once you have made your edits, scroll to the bottom of the right-side bar and click “Update”:

Drupal 8 screenshot of the edit side-panel. Red text reads "Make Edits - then click "Update" with an arrow pointing to the Update button

Remember to Save layout

Once you’ve clicked the blue “Update” button, scroll to the top of the page and click the large grey “Save Layout” button. 

(Your changes will not show on the site until you Save Layout):

Red text that reads "Once Layout edits have been made, click "Save layout" with an arrow pointing to the Save layout button in Layout view