Outward Facing Units

Outward-facing offices and units such as the Alumni Association and The Western Foundation have been authorized to use a unique logo construction (below) to enable them to use the mountain/bay image in their name. This type of logo construction is for outward-facing offices and units ONLY, and must be approved by the University’s marketing manager in the Office of University Communications.

Western Alumni sub branded logo
WWU Foundation sub branded logo

Campus Units

Colleges, departments, centers, administrative offices or divisions and all other campus units may use a sub-branded logo in their web and print collateral. If the unit has a prexisting logo, it must be used along side the University logo.

The Western logo must not be subordinate in either placement or size. If you have any questions about this policy or need your college logo built, contact the Office of University Communications.

Existing sub-branded logos can be downloaded on the Logos for Print page.

College of Fine and Performing Arts sub branded logo
New Student Services/Family Outreach sub branded logo