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Getting Access to SiteImprove

If you are a website owner and/or developer responsible for fixing accessibility issues on your website, you will be contacted by WebTech to get set up in SiteImprove. When contacted, you will receive a link to authenticate via your WWU account. This means you can use your WWU email address to log in to SiteImprove.

You can also get initial access to SiteImprove using the first-time SiteImprove login. After logging in for the first time, you will need to contact WebTech with the site or group of pages you would like access to.

Once you are logged in, it is recommended to go through the Getting Started articles, especially the introductory and accessibility tutorials. They will guide you through navigating the dashboard, how to find accessibility issues, and where to get general assistance on using SiteImprove.

Recommended Workflow

The following workflow outlines the recommended steps for those using SiteImprove to make their websites more accessible:

  1. Once your pages have been assigned, you can navigate to your set of pages on the dashboard.
  2. Go to the Accessibility sub-menu and select the Issues tab.
  3. Drop down the “Responsibility” filter and choose the option that best suits your role.
  4. Start with the first error in the list, remediating as suggested, until no more pages have that error.
  5. Repeat step 4 with all errors and warnings until all pages are fixed.

Quick tips

  • Your choices under Responsibility will be either Editor (for content), Developer, or Webmaster.
  • If you use Atlassian JIRA or another kind of workflow app, you could manually add errors as tickets to keep track of progress.

False Positives

As you are remediating accessibility issues on your site, you may come across errors that are false positives, or aren’t truly errors based on the web pages’ context. If you run into an error or warning on SiteImprove you know doesn’t need a repair (based on accessibility testing that you or WebTech has done), you can make a note for specific pages on your site.

Steps for Adding Notes to Issues

  1. In SiteImprove, select Accessibility from the dashboard. A submenu will appear.
  2. Select Issues in the submenu to bring up the list of accessibility issues, and choose the issue in question.
  3. Under the list of pages, choose the “Decision for this occurrence” button with the gear icon. A dialog will appear.
  4. In the dialog, select the “Add note” drop-down and explain why the issue can’t be fixed on that page.

Enroll in SiteImprove Academy (Optional)

SiteImprove now offers optional accessibility courses for content editors, designers, developers, and leadership.


four courses for developers, designers, and leadership outlines
outline example of accessibility for designers course

If you are already enrolled in SiteImprove, you can access the courses by going to the Help Center and Academy dropdown in the banner. If you are not enrolled in SiteImprove but would like access to the course, please fill out the academy enrollment form to be added to the platform.

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