the lock up should not exceed 25% of the vertical headline

When used in conjunction with Western’s logo, the ‘MAKE WAVES’ tagline is always underneath the mark and separated by a thin Western Light Blue rule. The logo should always be used as a complete asset and never manipulated.

The Western Make Waves logo should always be used, as is, when creating assets that will be used for the Make Waves Campaign.

When used in both Print and Out of Home, the logo should be anchored to the bottom of the headline panel and centered below the body copy in Print or the headline in Out of Home.

The size should not exceed 25% of the vertical height of the headline panel. The size should never be smaller than 1” tall in Print, or 100 pixels tall @ 72 pixels/inch for web.

A period should always follow the tag line ‘Make Waves’. This lends itself towards being a strong statement and call-to-action.

Logo usage: don'ts

logo with a drop shadow effect

Don't add drop shadows, bevels, or other effects.

logo with bright green background and blue text

Don't change the logo colors.

logo with a thicker stroke width on the blue line

Don't change the stroke width of the line rule.

logo rotated a few degrees left

Don't change the orientation of the logo.

logo with "Make Waves." on top in large font

Don't change the positioning or size relationship of the logo.

the logo squashed vertically

Don't distort the logo.


A magazine spread with headline "Our noise policy: make a lot of it"

Out of Home

Western’s ‘Make Waves’ Out of Home ads are similar to the print, but without the body copy. The headlines and images will grab the attention of passersby and encourage them to go online and learn more.

A person walking by a billboard with the headline "The fire in our belly is hotter than lava" and a volcano.

Design Conductor

The following examples are available as templates in Design Conductor


8x11 mockup with photo of salmon and "Inspiration here–3 lines tops" placeholder text
long flyer with placeholder text and salmon and volcano photos


"focused on empowerment" flyer mockup wth an intense dude staring at the camera
poster template with placeholder text "Use your voice in the library and a third line"

Table Tent

Trifold table tent. A photo of a salmon on one pane, "We Serve Fish for Lunch" on another, placeholders for time, location, and description on the last panel