Brand Overview

Brand Driver

A collaborative of independent minds creating a better future.

Western isn’t a place where you show up for four years, learn a few things, and get a job that bores you.

That’s for normal schools.

Western wants people with an appetite for ambition.

People who want to learn about the universe and then change it.

We have students designing and building solar-powered tiny homes.

A professor who is on the Mars Curiosity Rover team.

And graduates who teach code to 5th graders.

Through close relationships with professors, a family like atmosphere, and academic excellence, we help people develop their passion.

And we inspire them to pursue it with everything they’ve got.

We don’t just want you to get a degree, we want you to Make Waves.



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Positioning Statement

For curious problem solvers, WWU is a catalyst for progress that delivers transformative learning through a genuine focus on students. Western offers a collaborative of independent minds creating a better future.

Brand Attributes

  • Academic excellence
  • Refreshingly original
  • Forward thinking
  • Versatile
  • Collaborative

Strategic Plan

Western's branding is also motivated by the University's Strategic Plan.