Adding Files

You will first need to be logged in via the user page. For example, the following link would be used on this site:

To add files on the website you will need to navigate to a different area of the website itself:

Content Area

Drupal 8 screenshot highlighting the Content Area in a red box

From here you can view, add, replace, or delete content.

To add content, you can click on the "Add Content" button or navigate to Content/Media/Add Media/Document

(or Image if you need to add a new image – but typically this is done on each page individually)

Drupal 8 screenshot Highlighting how to add a document through the Content button

To add a new Document

Click "Choose File", find the file on your computer and select it, and then click "Save":

Drupal 8 screenshot highlighting the Choose file button on the Add Document page. The button is circled in red and notes to only add PDF or DOC files