Adding Blocks to a Page

We have a comprehensive list of what custom blocks are available on Drupal sites here.

In addition, we provide a breakdown of the elements of the blocks here.

Adding a block

The first thing you will need to do is locate the "Add Block" link, located at the end of each Section, highlighted in a light blue bar. This will allow you to create a new Custom Block

(Don’t worry, you can move the block around once you have created it):

Drupal 8 screenshot demonstrating how to Add a custom block

From there, you will choose "Create Custom Block" from the menu that appears on the right-hand side of the screen. This brings up all of the WWU custom Blocks to choose from.

Whitespace block

If you would like to add some space either before or after text or an image, you will want to choose the “White space” Block. Once chosen, you can configure the Block.

All Blocks require a Title – but you don’t have to show the title. Simply uncheck the “Display title” located underneath the Title field.

There are 8 options for you to choose from on white space – you can add a small amount of space by choosing 1x - 3x, or if you require more whitespace, you can choose up to the 8x option:

Drupal 8 screenshot highlighting the variability of white space that can be added

The best way to decide if you have the right amount of spacing is to save by clicking "Add Block" (the blue button), saving the layout, and previewing it on the page.

Red text reads "Want more space? Add a Whitespace block"

You can always go back and adjust the spacing by clicking Edit/Configure on the whitespace block.

Red text reads Click the edit icon, then configure. Opens the Edit Side-Panel for Text/Image/etc. editing

Remember to Save Layout!