What is a design system?

A design system is a broad term that covers all things brand and identity related. Similar to a traditional style guide, design systems cover many more bases. Our design system includes all the graphical elements found in a traditional style guide, along with writing and tone guides, accessibility guidelines, a digital component library, web development resources, and more.

If you are a content creator for the University, whether your audience is internal or external, there are many resources here for you.

Inclusive Design

We developed this design system with inclusive, accessible design as our number one priority. Our goal is to provide resources that aid in creating content, building websites, printing materials and marketing in a way that reaches a wide, diverse audience. We provide education across campus on how to use technology in a way that is welcoming to everyone. We are working hard to prevent and remove barriers across all our web platforms. 

Get started

Make Waves.

"Make Waves" is our rallying cry and institutional tagline. It's meant to inspire students, alumni, donors, and faculty to make their mark on the world—and give the institution a bold voice.

Write an article, or create content for a website

There are a lot of resources under the Content section of the Guides menu item that you may find useful, including the Tone and Voice Guide and Writer's Guide.

Learn about digital accessibility

Check out our guides for creating accessible documents, or dive into web accessibility.

While you're at it, don't forget to check out the main Western Digital Accessibility site.

Market an Event

Our Event Marketing Guide is a great place to start. If you are working with other software to create your marketing materials, you may also need to download logo files print or logo files for web. Don't forget to check out the brand resources before getting started on your poster design!

Learn about the brand

The Brand Overview page has information about central brand language. Download the newest approved fonts, learn about the rules for logo use, and find swatches for Western's color palette.

Get help

Have a question? The FAQ page may hold the answer.

Need help with a graphic design project? Contact one of our campus designers.

Need help finding something? Have a suggestion or comment? Reach out to Stephanie Mason.