Western's Design System

Western’s Design System is your resource for communicating out about Western. Whether you are recruiting for a new program or event, rolling out a marketing campaign, or updating content on a website, you’ll find the tools and guidance you need here.

What is a Design System?

A design system is a unified set of resources and guides that cover all things brand and identity related. Similar to a traditional style guide in some ways, design systems cover all the visual and graphical elements found in a style guide, as well as writing and tone guides, accessibility guidelines, a digital component library, web development resources, and more.

Western's Brand

Make Waves.

"Make Waves" is our rallying cry and institutional tagline. It's meant to inspire students, alumni, donors, and faculty to make their mark on the world—and give the institution a bold voice.

Start Making Waves

Brand Overview

The brand overview page has information about central brand language and elements. Download approved fonts, learn about the rules for logo use, find swatches for Western's color palette, and more.

Learn about the Brand


Inclusive Design

We developed this design system with inclusive, accessible design and practices as our number one priority. Our goal is to provide resources that aid in creating content, building websites, printing materials and engaging in markets in a way that reaches a wide, diverse audience. We provide education across campus on how to use technology in a way that is welcoming to everyone. We are working hard to prevent and remove barriers across all our web platforms and communication efforts.


Anyone carrying out recruitment or marketing work at Western should be well-versed in accessibility–check out the main Western Digital Accessibility site for an overview and training. For a deeper look, check out the guides for building accessible websites and creating accessible documents.

Learn about Accessibility

Get Started

Write an Article, or Create Content for a Website or Publication

Tone and Voice Guide and Writer's Guide are two perfect places to start if you’re creating content on behalf of Western.

Market an Event

Have an upcoming event you want to tell your audience about? Start by checking out our event marketing guide, and be sure you’ve read the brand overview before you start promoting your event.

Get Help

Have a question?

Need help with a graphic design project? Design Conductor has hundreds of templates to serve your recruitment or promotional needs. Email creative@wwu.edu to get started with an account.

Need help finding something on this Design System? Have a suggestion or comment? Reach out to Stephanie Paulantis.